Plant a Seed

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Aspire and inspire with ourselves, our impact on the planet, and our social responsibility.

Consciously Connected Travel was born with a purpose, to make positive change, to be a champion for those whose voices are not being heard, to reshape the mindset of what it means to travel and how it can have an effect that alters lives and lasts long after the trip has come to an end.

We are constantly searching for organisations, projects, people and causes in the destinations we travel to that are making a social and conscious effort to uplift their community, support the environment or innovate the landscape. Our partnerships are ones that share a similar vision, that with the right kind of people we can make the right kind of impact.

CCT was designed to blur the lines between travel and supporting communities in the places you travel to, every time you travel with us - either through our Travel Design service, Culturally Connected Experiences or Wellness Activations, we donate a % directly from our own pockets  to a local project, charity or community in that destination.

Our commitment to supporting the environment extends beyond monetary means. We only send our travellers to places we know, love and trust that our presence will bring about a positive impact rather than suffer from the high demand of travel. We are conscious of the often devastating effects that tourism can bring to underdeveloped destinations. We have made it our mission to turn this negative cycle into one that shares global traditions, brings down social barriers, uplifts local communities and ignites the sparks of humanity that burn within our souls.

Our Plant A Seed Initiative helps combat the carbon footprint we leave from travelling by planting a tree for every traveller and providing them with the coordinates so they can watch their impact grow as they do on their journey long after our travel curation has finished.

Consciously Connected Travel was created out of a necessity to do more. Our tribe of beatniks truly believe that everyone has a part to play, and ours is creating a space where travel, wellness and philanthropy intertwine. So that the future generations might live in a world that is a little bit more full of love and light.

If you have a project or cause you believe CCT could support, please Contact Us.