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Consciously Connected Travel - CCT Edit - Havana, Cuba
Consciously Connected Travel - CCT Edit- Havana, Vinales, Trinidad, Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

Cuba! A country steeped in political activism, communist rule and trapped in a 1950’s time warp. With a reputation that proceeds it, you would think it would hinder Cuba, but it seems to have helped peak the interest of travellers. All wanting to immerse themselves in a true sensory overload. Experience people so passionate and convicted to not only celebrate their rich Cuban culture but showcase their journey through art and music, fashion and film.

Despite the turbulence Cuba has faced and still faces, its people remain warm and welcoming, rising from the ashes through creative revolutions, breaking conventional norms, developing grass-root projects and cool local festivals.

With Cuba providing the ultimate backdrop of vibrant pastel hues, white sandy beaches, classic cars, the sweet aromas of a newly lit cigar and the bewitching sounds of street music that speaks to the pain and the passion of the Cuban people….and that’s only in Havana.

Consciously Connected Travel - CCT Edit- Havana, Vinales, Trinidad, Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

But what if we told you this is just the tip of the iceberg for what this electrifying country encompasses? Be curious and venture out of Havana to nearby Vinales, surrounded by sumptuous greenery, idyllic hiking trails and the heart of some of the finest tobacco farms. Trinidad, where colonial architecture and quant pebble streets are found and where its easy to engage in wonderful conversations with a local over a cup of Cuban coffee. Cayo Santa Maria boasts pristine beaches and unbelievable sea life…. slow down, sip a cocktail or two and just enjoy!

Cuba is about the people you meet and the experiences you share together. They say no one stares more into your soul than a Habanero. Connection is the catalyst that can change everything. This is the true magic this country holds, with its people that make you feel like you’re home away from home.

Finca Agroecologica el Paraiso

The best things in life are usually the ones we have to work a little harder for, and there seems to be no exception on this enchanting island. Tucked away in the Valley of Silence is where you’ll find paradise. A family operated farm-to-table opens its’ doors every morning for visitors to come and experience the best this country has to offer. The food alone is worth the hike.

Consciously Connected Travel - CCT Edit- Havana, Vinales, Trinidad, Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

Fresh vegetables, fruits, and medicinal plants are grown using organic fertilizer and agroecological farming techniques that make all the difference.. Legendary “anti-stress” cocktails help you unwind as you take a tour of the 8.9 hectares farm turned restaurant run by Wilfredo and his daughters and with better views than the official mirador, el Paraiso is exactly what the doctor ordered after a long afternoon of adventures.

It’s said that the Valley of Silence is where you can catch some of the best sunsets in all of Cuba. And we have to say, we’re not one to put up much argument there!

Following our ethos of independent thinking & freedom of choice, we have tapped into our network to unlock our 17 page insider narrative for a destination that is popularly known as the city of decay & rebirth, crafted in a treasure chest of beautiful people, music & culture. We go against the grain, so with that in mind, this is how we roam through Cuba. Here is your exclusive all access pass to the best bits of Cuba, from where we eat, sleep, play & who or what to discover.