How We Work

Are you someone that wants it all? Then take it. We provide you with inside information, no matter where you might be traveling. We connect you with local people who enhance your stay with a focus on real culture, cuisine & experience. We give you access to a hand-picked collection of bespoke hotels, boutique bolt holes, design hubs & remote retreats, perfectly positioned to capture the heart of each destination.

All possessing a home away from home feel. Allowing you to leave an impactful part of your soul behind, making wherever it is you are in the world a better place than you found it.

Consciously Connected Travel - Bali, Indonesia

We never send you somewhere that we haven’t experienced ourselves. wE spend 2-3 months at a time delving into the heart of countries & cultures. TO FIND THE undiscovereD. connecting with some of the most incredible people, LISTENING TO THEIR STORIES & trying to find unique ways that allow you to connect with them too.

Consciously Connected Travel - Bangkok, Thailand

Our Plant A Seed initiative is designed to support local charities, communities & projects in the destination you are travelling to. with consciously connected personally donating a % each time you travel WITH US.

Plant A Seed creates an opportunity to leave behind a footprint of change.

Consciously Connected Travel - Bali, Indonesia

As a means to combat your carbon footprint, we plant a tree for every traveller we curate a trip for.

Providing you with the co-ordinates to monitor its location & growth. Helping you to know that you are travelling more conSciously & playing a part in OFFSETTING YOUR carbon emissions.

Consciously Connected Travel - Merzouga Desert, Morocco

Feeling like a local comes from authentic, immersive connections. We have crafted a cool global black book of some of the most incredible trailblazers. who can help you experience & navigate your destination exactly how you pictured it.

Consciously Connected Travel - Siem Reap, Cambodia

Your travel doesn’t have to compromise your wellness. We give you access to world class local Personal Trainers, Yogi’s, healers, world famous muay thai boxers & a weALTH of other health, fitness & wellness experts wherever you are in the world.

Consciously Connected Travel - Istanbul, Turkey

We alleviate The stress of capturing those special moments. Our network of super cool local photographers not only help you discover new places, but are on hand to capture it all. Who doesn’t love to relive a beautiful travel story!