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Hilary Pearlson | Self-Compassion | East Coast, USA




4-7 Jun 2020

This is the year for “Self”. The time to acknowledge our strengths and flaws, our peaks and valleys, our past and future. The time to learn to unconditionally love and accept ourselves for who we are rather not who we are trying to be.

We believe that there is such a need to bring attention to the topic of self-compassion as a whole because it is an essential tool that we need in order to grow and manifest our passion and purpose, especially in the chaos and commotion of today’s daily life.

It’s almost easier to show kindness and love to others than to ourselves. In our list of priorities, more often than not we don’t even appear in it. We don’t take centre stage in our own life story. Our glass runs empty, yet we invest in ensuring that others overflow. We are taking care of everyone and everything and fail to give ourselves even the smallest time and care. We fail to even realise or acknowledge that we can often judge ourselves harshly, often be self-demeaning.

Self-Compassion is relating to the self with kindness. Words of affirmation, self-compassion rituals, allowing yourself to just be, not compromising on your happiness, not beating yourself up for any shortcomings, not imposing unrealistic levels of expectation and pressure, embracing your imperfections in whichever form they manifest.




Hilary is a Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, empowerment coach and the creator of the conscious lifestyle blog, The Dreamerie.

She believes deeply in the bodies innate power to heal itself and has dedicated her life to supporting her clients with the tools to be their own healer, connect to clarity, clear space and cultivate inner awareness through meditation, breathwork and self-inquiry journaling practices.

She was guided to do this work through her health journey, living with chronic illness and surviving a bone marrow transplant at 21 years old. It is because of the ways in which she has been able to heal herself that she found her purpose on this planet, to support others in doing the same from a place of empowerment and compassion.



Hilary will be leading our retreat with Kundalini yoga and meditation, empowering discussions, journaling practices and sharing her personal journey. She will teach practical tools that you can take with you even after the weekend is over to create more ease, flow, and awareness in your daily life.

This retreat will focus on cultivating an environment and a series of daily rituals, workshops, classes and activities that promote being gentle, supportive, and understanding of oneself. Deepening the practices to support in combating what can usually occur which is harshly judging oneself for personal shortcomings, the retreat offers a space pf warmth and unconditional acceptance. Learning how to be kind to ourselves in good times and bad. Harnessing the tools, techniques, rituals and better self-understanding which will allow you to realise that your worth is unconditional.



  1. Retreat Dates: 4-7th Jun 2020

  2. Retreat Location: East Coast, USA

  3. Daily Yoga & Meditation

  4. Daily Group Self-Compassion Sessions with Hilary Pearlson

  5. 1-2-1 Self-Compassion Sessions with Hilary Pearlson

  6. 1-2-1 Sessions in Yoga, Meditation, Breath-work, Coaching, Tapping Therapy, Release Sessions

  7. Self-Compassion workshops

  8. Daily Journaling & Downtime

  9. Local Discovery & Immersion activities

  10. Discovery of local cuisine, agriculture & botany.


  1. 5* Luxury Accommodation

  2. All daily meals prepared with local ingredients.

  3. All programmed & scheduled activities


  1. Flights & Travel insurance

  2. Pre & Post Retreat Destination Immersion trips

  3. All Optional Activities



Our in-house flights & logistics team are on hand to assist you with flights, transfers, Pre & Post Retreat Destination immersion trips & any Visa assistance required.


  • Retreat Price: From £500 GBP

  • FULL PAYMENT or opting for a PAYMENT PLAN are available. To activate the Payment Plan, simply select the DEPOSIT option at checkout.

  • Deposits are none-refundable



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