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Marielle Kehoe | Self-Care | East Coast, USA




2-5th Apr 2020

Self-Care is the most essential thing we need in our lives yet most of us do not practice any form and as a result suffer great consequences of disconnection from our physical, mental, and spiritual selves. It is ultimately is the divine language we speak with ourselves and how we choose to cultivate the energies that echo through the deep corners in our mind, body and soul. It is the steps we take every day in our life towards maintaining our personal health and well-being.




Her journey to a healthier “me” began after years of living the typical high stress lifestyle of a young twenty-something, juggling a full time education and hectic work schedule, with little to no time left for proper nutrition and Self Care. But unlike most typical twenty something’s, Marielle was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an autoimmune disease that disrupts nerve communication, at the age of 23, right after she had graduated college. “It was more of a ‘wake up call’ if you ask me! Not knowing anything about chronic illness, I trusted whatever the doctors told me. There is a place in this world for western medicine, but I never truly felt right about it.” When the initial shock of the diagnosis wore off, she took a step back and realised that even though she couldn’t have full control over her MS, there were certain contributing factors that she did have control over. She had the power to choose how diet and stress impacted her every day life. She took control of her Self-Care and a new world opened up. “I actively choose every single day to not let the fear of ‘what could happen’ define my life, but rather help change it for the better.”

With that important foundation in place, she stepped into research mode and began to learn as much as possible about the relationship of diet and health. After a few years, she decided to study nutrition to learn how she could help her body become its healthiest version in her short time on earth. Since then, she has been using this knowledge to help others regain control over their nutrition and lifestyle by offering health coaching.  

The result of teaching women in all stages of life has been humbling to Marielle. She teaches women to better understand their bodies and health issues by becoming activists in their healing journey, how to find healing through mindfulness practices and that Self-Care is the foundation for all healing.



Helping you to learn to find harmony and establish a healthy lifestyle. Supporting you in healing mind, body and spirit and developing a sustainable and fun relationship with food. Understanding that food is not the enemy and that disease does not define you. Helping to bring purpose to what could otherwise have become just a diagnosis.

Gut health is highly overlooked and thus we will immerse ourselves in understanding just how powerful our gut is and how we can better nurture it to ensure that it nurtures us.

Surround yourself in remote tranquility, immersed within nature, arctic living and the Sámi culture. Allow the stillness to ground you, reconnecting with self and igniting the spark for true healing and recovery.

This retreat is intended to reconnect you back to your inner divine female, to recalibrate your energetic vibrations and empower you to find purpose and passion in all aspects of life. Teaching you how to unlock the tools that already reside within you and equipping you with the techniques to make peace with your pain, find wisdom within your wounds and begin to steer towards the emotional freedom and desired space in which you want to be.



  1. Retreat Dates: 2-5th Apr 2020

  2. Retreat Location: East Coast, USA

  3. Daily Yoga & Meditation

  4. Daily Group Self-Care Sessions with Marielle Kehoe

  5. 1-2-1 Self-Care Sessions with Marielle Kehoe

  6. 1-2-1 Sessions in Yoga, Meditation, Breath-work, Coaching, Tapping Therapy, Release Sessions

  7. Self-Care workshops

  8. Daily Journaling & Downtime

  9. Local Discovery & Immersion activities

  10. Discovery of local cuisine, agriculture & botany.


  1. 5* Luxury Accommodation

  2. All daily meals prepared with local ingredients.

  3. All programmed & scheduled activities


  1. Flights & Travel insurance

  2. Pre & Post Retreat Destination Immersion trips

  3. All Optional Activities



Our in-house flights & logistics team are on hand to assist you with flights, transfers, Pre & Post Retreat Destination immersion trips & any Visa assistance required.


  • Retreat Price: From £500 GBP

  • FULL PAYMENT or opting for a PAYMENT PLAN are available. To activate the Payment Plan, simply select the DEPOSIT option at checkout.

  • Deposits are none-refundable



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