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Travel | The dark side of tourism | Tulum

Traveling has a way of  opening our minds and giving us a new perception, it exposes us to new places, people and cultures that we may have never heard of. It can be a beautiful reminder that the “disconnect” we have created from one another lives only in the social constructs we have built in our minds. We are bound together in the greater scheme of life and must take ownership and responsibility for the part we play.

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Travel | 48 Hours in Istanbul

Istanbul is a destination that parallels something cosmic, a universal theme that stretches beyond the scope of any social barrierThe city is a symbol of living balance and duality. A multicultural melting pot of Asia and Europe. The shining example of a harmonious blend between modern and ancient. Every inch of the way you can see the historical scars from those who have come to the capital between continents.

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