A Letter to Yourself

The beauty and curse of life is discovering our role in the grand scheme of everything. How does our individual unique piece fit into the greater puzzle? How can we maximize this opportunity of living and manifest our dreams into reality? What big plans does the universe have for us?

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Wellness | Self-Compassion on Valentines day - Loving you, before looking for love

Valentine’s Day, although most of us are unsure of its origin, was built for love. From a young age, we paint this perfect picture of romance with boxes of chocolate, bouquets of flowers and giant stuffed teddy bears. We grow up thinking that our crush will surprise us with a candle-lit dinner on a boat in some beautiful city, with a live string quartet and a piece of spaghetti that’s shared beneath the stars. Everything goes perfectly, he calls the next day, you end up getting married, having children and live a happy fairytale life.

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