A Letter to Yourself

The beauty and curse of life is discovering our role in the grand scheme of everything. How does our individual unique piece fit into the greater puzzle? How can we maximize this opportunity of living and manifest our dreams into reality? What big plans does the universe have for us?

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Wellness | Creating Rituals & Taking Control Of Your Life

Rituals are our way of telling the universe what we want and which direction we want to see our life go in. It is one of the most powerful things we can do to promote self-discovery and growth. Without rituals we lose motivation, drive and worst off, we lose site of our goals and ambitions.

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Wellness | The importance of Self-Acceptance

Something that sets humans apart from most other animals is our sense of belonging. We have lived side by side since the beginning of time, which has led us to be remarkably social creatures. Belonging to a group provides comfort and stability by increasing longevity, and therefore improving our chance of survival. We are on a perpetual quest to find our tribe, but more often than not, our desires get the best of us.

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