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Art and Culture | Photo Review: Mubai Gallery Weekend and Kala Ghoda Festival

In February 2018, we visited the Mumbai Gallery weekend and Kala Ghoda Festival in Bombay. Space 118, an artist residency hosted 5-6 visual artist to showcase their works during the weekend. Some of the artists were Sarika Poornanand, Manita Singh and Harsheiil Patel. Artist Harsheiil Patel caught my attention with his mixed media approach to explore Hindu deity Lord Shiva.

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Architecture | Tomb Hopping

Why are we tomb obsessed? A visit to some of the major tombs in Delhi plays like a highlight reel of historical conquests, structural odes to men that populate history books, and some poetic reminiscence about times that I can now say I have visited (and lived to tell the tale).The chahar-bagh (four square gardens) model and water channels are running themes through these distinct tomb complexes.

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