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Wellness | Personal Self-Healing Rituals & Practices

As I write this, I am lying in the back of an RV where a makeshift bed has been erected on a pallet comprising of two single mattresses, three pillows and a heap of blankets. I, Lexi Bosman, am living in a camper van. Yep… For the past two months I have been living the mobile-home dream life with two of my best friends. It has been a lifelong dream of ours and we finally got around to doing it. Set the scene; three exuberant, oversharing and overdramatic (at times) women plunged into a confined space day in and day out for two and a half months.

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Wellness | How I see Self-healing

Everyone needs healing. As human beings it is inevitable for us to have acquired some sort of ‘baggage’ over the years. Everyone accumulates preconditioning from external elements as children and as we evolve into adults it is our journey to unbind this preconditioning and baggage. It is our journey to become aware of our internal makeup to avoid manifesting by default, running on autopilot.

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