Wellness | Setting an Intention - First step to Manifestation

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There are 7 steps to manifestation and as we newly enter the New Year, we want to focus on the first one which is setting an intention. Before the blueprints of life unfold, one must clearly identify and acknowledge what they want. For some this may come easily, but for most of us, even finding the time to sit down and think, may come as a challenge. Here, we’d like to share some tips on setting intentions and how to use your inner power to shape the path you’d like to follow in life.

What? And why?

Intentions are the catalyst for change, they are the basis for all that we do, giving our life direction. Without them, life’s like driving down an unfamiliar highway and having absolutely no idea where you’re going. Setting an intention means you have the ability to visualise what you want, while allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to receive what the universe is putting out for you.

How do I set an intention?

Prior to setting an intention, one must have a clear head and a positive mindset. Cleanse yourself of what happened that day and what is to come in the near future.  This is your time and for it to be effective, you must be a little selfish. A simple way to find your inner peace and internal quiet place is to meditate. Meditation takes the mind to a deeper place that is sometimes inaccessible to us. Apps like Headspace and Calm were made for those who find a little facilitation to be helpful. I personally have a hard time keeping out random thoughts while I’m meditating so an app is perfect for me. I can do it on the go and once my headphones are in, it’s like I’ve created a private little silent world all to myself.

After reaching a sheer level of tranquility you are in the perfect space to set your intention. Practice setting your intention, then release it, allowing it to leave your mind and then send it out to the universe. Repeat this process two to three times before exiting your meditative state.

Try to stay in a place of peace and awareness throughout. Don’t let the energy of others permeate the safe and confident space you’ve built for yourself. Intentions work well when they come from contentment and positivity, rather than a place of lack or need.

It is now important to come to terms with your intention. Visualize it, nurture it and love it, then one last time send it out into the universe. Detach yourself from what you want or don’t want and begin to feel comfortable in a space of uncertainty. Your intention is out there and it’s time to let the universe work it’s magic!

It is important to remember that we are all different so our intention setting process will vary person to person. Maybe through trial and error you find that writing down your intention is what works for you, and that’s great! For some, maybe a repetitive mantra will help solidify your resolution. The most important thing is that you find which method is right for you. Experiment with the options, and if you think this all seems absolutely crazy, I don’t blame you, but give it a shot! The worst that could happen is you end up sitting silently in your room for a few minutes, BUT the potential benefits are limitless.

At the CCT women only retreat in Morocco, we practice meditation and intention setting through workshops in self-discovery and affirmation. We are more than a yoga retreat or fitness retreat, we exercise our mind-body connection to nourish our souls.