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As I write this, I am lying in the back of an RV where a makeshift bed has been erected on a pallet comprising of two single mattresses, three pillows and a heap of blankets. I, Lexi Bosman, am living in a camper van. Yep… For the past two months I have been living the mobile-home dream life with two of my best friends. It has been a lifelong dream of ours and we finally got around to doing it. Set the scene; three exuberant, oversharing and overdramatic (at times) women plunged into a confined space day in and day out for two and a half months.

It is safe to say there is no alone time. None. Nada. Zilch.

Whilst each of us is very aware of one another and respectful of our desires and space requirements, my discipline with regards to consistent healing practices has had to be more conscious and thought out than ever before. This, I believe (in the long run), is a blessing as I have had to prove to myself that self-healing rituals can be performed anywhere. Even when you are living the continual life of: it is 4 am, pouring with rain, I am somewhere in a Californian forested RV park, and I have to pee real bad. Oh, and it is the middle of Winter.

So, this has been my life!

Please don’t get me wrong, it has been magical. An experience I will never forget. Highways lined with forest after forest of Redwood trees, rolling hills, warm fires, endless stretches of wild coastline and unchartered territory, and my two best gal pals. It has been one constant adventure filled with endless shrieks of laughter. However, I have had to strengthen my grounding practices to say the least, and this is why it is the perfect time to cultivate this post; when I am in most need of addressing the topic of daily self-healing routines.

And oh, the list is endless. Exercise, quiet spaces of contemplation, stretching, mantras, meditation, positive affirmations (!!!), gratitude practices, nature, nourishing food et al. There is a myriad of choices. It can be rather overwhelming really. The most important thing is to choose one, just one! You can switch it up and you can experiment but a consistent practice of something beautiful and joyful is the recipe for success baby! We all ‘know’ this inherently, however at times we just can’t seem to get the hang of it.

Hence, the first prescribed self-healing ritual is:

Consciously Connected Travel - CCT Journal - Personal Self-Healing Rituals and Practices - women only retreat - women's healing retreats - women's wellness retreats - women's spiritual retreat
Consciously Connected Travel - CCT Journal - Personal Self-Healing Rituals and Practices - women only retreat - women's healing retreats - women's wellness retreats - women's spiritual retreat

Bite off less than you can chew.

Discipline is a muscle. It strengthens over time. If you are overloaded and constantly on the go, do not pressure yourself to wake up at 5 am to do an hour of yoga after meditating for twenty minutes and then whipping up a superfood smoothie whilst humming Indian mantras. Just relax and do what you can. Everyone is unique, therefore different practices will resonate with different people. Perhaps this evening you write yourself a beautiful little note and place it beside your bed so that when you wake up you can smile to yourself, or you jot down three things you are grateful for every day in your diary- this is enough, because you are enough. In modern astrology as we move from the Piscean age into the Aquarian, we learn to worry less about what others are doing and more to what resonates with us. If this resonates with me I will do it. If it doesn’t, I won’t. You are your own guru and you know what is best for you. TRUST yourself and start small.

A morning practice.

Morning routines are everything! The essence of your day is how you start it. Again, everyone is unique, so different practices will resonate relatively but to start your day in a positive mindset will support you in maintaining a high vibration as you move throughout your day.

Because I travel often my morning practice fluctuates and the call for discipline is greater to maintain balance. Currently, after I wake up I remain still for a few moments with my eyes closed. I check in with my body and breath and then think of three things I am grateful for. The first things that pop into my head. I then imagine how beautiful the day ahead will be and I allow myself to feel the e-motion (energy in motion) of excitement and celebration build inside me. The feeling of celebration is the highest vibration you can build in the body. I open my eyes and do five to ten minutes of in-bed stretching (it is the middle of Winter in Northern California, therefore the bed will do). I do a spinal twist, lift my legs up for some hamstring lengthening and finish off with a figure four stretch. Ankle over the opposite knee so I can stretch the outside of my hip. Something small and something simple, but it does the trick.

When I am in a consistent space a morning yoga practice is delicious. If I feel introverted I keep to my self-practice. If I am feeling sociable and vibrant I seek the energy of others in a group class. Checking in with the body after you wake is very special as it brings mindfulness and consciousness to your day.

My advice to anyone would be to find out what your morning routine is. What resonates with you? Something you can do after you wake up that makes you feel happy and grateful. It is as simple as that.

Consciously Connected Travel - CCT Journal - Personal Self-Healing Rituals and Practices - women only retreat - women's healing retreats - women's wellness retreats - women's spiritual retreat

Food glorious food!

Nutrition is a lifestyle, not a practice. It is medicine. It is fuel. It is SO important.

I acknowledge that I cannot be perfect every day, but I am conscious of what I put in my body. I try to be mindful of how I eat. How does my food taste? How fast am I chewing? Am I eating mindfully? How we eat plays a large role in how our food is digested. How you think about food supports how your food is digested. Food is a self-healing practice. Be aware of how certain foods make you feel after you eat them. This is an indicator of whether your body resonates with it or not. Food is a healer if you are eating the right stuff. Eating is a ceremony, if you are mindful while you do it.

Find your ‘thing.’

Surfing and yoga. These are my rituals, my ceremonies, my ‘things.’ Whether I am in the ocean or on the mat, these two activities force me to be one hundred percent present. I have moved out of my head and into my heart. Activities/practices that draw you in so that you are consumed by the present moment and in your flow, these are the practices that you should be doing more of. This is when the body starts to channel some serious higher-self stuff! The stuff that creates worlds. The present moment is the key to the secrets of the universe because the way you feel right now equals the vibration you hold right now, and this is paving the way for that which you will manifest in the future. The consistent practice of being present raises the body’s vibration so that you are one with your higher self. You are tuned in to your source.

Don’t forget to breathe.

Regularly throughout the day, I check in with my breath. I notice how I am breathing. Slow versus rapid breath, effortless versus laboured breath, regular versus holding of breath, deep versus shallow breath and so on and so forth. Our breath is an excellent indicator of our emotional state. Our breath is the subtlest symbol for what is going on internally and it is through the deliberate utilization of our breath that we can then change our emotional state. The two are interchangeable. Conscious breaths bring us back into the present moment, draw our attention inward, balance the body’s vibration and fill us with fresh oxygen. Because we breath all day every day unconsciously, we take our breath for granted, but conscious breathing and breathwork is one of the most powerful self-healing techniques that we can tap in to. Start with a few conscious breaths throughout the day. Draw your attention inward and follow a long deep inhale through the nose. Observe the exhale, and feel the body noticeably relax as you do.

Just do you!

Throughout my time in California I have maintained an unwavering observation of self-compassion. It hasn’t been possible for me to keep up with my regular day-to-days so I am forgiving of myself. It is normal and healthy to flow with life’s fluctuations. This sometimes means your daily practices are forced to minimize but always remember you are a human, being. Compassion, understanding, and constant self-forgiveness. These are the most powerful self-healing rituals of them all.

Join us and discover your ritual at the CCT women only retreat in Morocco. These healing retreats are an amazing way to ignite your soul and connect with your inner goddess. Travel with purpose while immersing into a new culture.

With love always

Lexi Bosman

Yogi | Surfer