My City Series | Matthieu Dagorn

No one knows a city better than its people. Consciously Connected Travel shares with you our global fam and friends through our My City Series. Unmasking some of the coolest places and it’s people and giving you a deeper more connected insight.

Matthieu joined the Artistic Collective 9ème Concept in 2008 after completing his studies at The Academy of Fine Arts in Quimper, France. He's continuously developing his art with the group and for a plethora of different brands. His style is full of patterns, sculpted by subtle shadows and delicate points of light. The shapes coming out from under his brush give the impression of a constant movement and the profound nature of energy and strength. Matthieu finds passion in creating pieces that his audience has the right to interpret based on however they feel.

1. Born and Raised or Expat?  

Born and raised in Paris

2. How did the idea of 9e Concept come about?

We wanted to open this place 9e Concept, to welcome public art and street art. Our collective has existed for 30 years and brings together many artists. We invite you to meet them for an aperitif, a dinner, an around the table in an exhibition space, to share our vision of art.

3. What are your fondest memories of 9e Concept when you started your business?

When we arrived in the collective at the time, everyone started by making a national tour to make live painting and ephemeral tattoos, which allowed us to travel to draw all over France, meet other artists , as well as painters and dancers, beatboxers, and musicians ... I think that they are adventures that we all have in common.

4. On your Day-to-Day routine?

Generally I start my day at the workshop between 9 am and 10 am, I share the workshop with two friends, artist Theo Lopez and Olivia de Bona, painter and illustrator, our day is not the same, between artistic creation, project preparation , we often work for companies or individuals or traveling to festivals ... we have shared the workshop for 5 years, we will eat in the terrace area often when the sun is there. and we work sometimes until very late, but always in a friendly atmosphere accompanied by music.

5. Tell us some of your favourite spots in Paris?

There is a lot of art on the edge of the Seine and it's very nice to paint with the boats passing behind.

6. Where do you go to escape?

In the woods, next door we have one of the biggest woods of Paris, The Vincennes.

7. You can’t take a vacation, so you decide to have a staycation, what do you do, where do you eat, where do you stay and why?

Personally I cook a lot of products bought in the market, and then we have some cool places in our neighbourhood such as a Cambodian restaurant which is super good.

8. Where’s your next adventure?

I just finished an exhibition in Brussels and I'm preparing a new one in Paris in May, and other projects abroad Martinique and United States.

9. Does Travel breed creativity?

Yes the journey develops the creativity, allows to breathe the creation of nourishing and the enriched.

10. The ultimate dancing feet reliefs post liquid courage?

Listening to the Beastie Boys

11. Where to shed those kilos, detox the body or protect the temple?

Every day in your living,, your way of eating, daily movement and connection with people and a lot of lemon.

12. Are there any philanthropic programmes or projects that you’re passionate about or would like to shed some light on?

Personally I am very sensitive to the protection of the environment and strive to be at a maximum level in harmony with nature and our environment

13. Entrepreneurs, Tastemakers and Trailblazers, Where do people like you hangout in your city?

My neighbourhood, the 12th, I am my little Paris, we are far from anything but we know everyone, trade, neighbours, young and old ... and I always circulate by bike to avoid public transport.

14. Currently working on?

As I said a new exhibition in Paris and other projects abroad

15. Advice for budding entrepreneurs?

Start by doing something that you are willing to do for free so you can do it for a lot of money

16. We’re living in a world where our attention to new innovation doesn’t seem to have longevity, how do you find your inspiration to make new waves with long-term prosperity?

Everything is in nature, take the time to observe, to contemplate, everything is there

17. Your ultimate playlist?

All the hip hop of the 90s