Decision Making | The easiest decision you'll make all day is reading this

Consciously Connected Travel - CC Journal - Decision Making - The Easiest decision you will make all day

For some, making a decision can go seamlessly and for others it can be anxiety inducing and painstakingly difficult, but why? Nervousness in making a decision can come from lack of knowledge. Perhaps it’s topic you are unfamiliar with or have yet to approach so it seems intimidating. We can also be hypersensitive to how we predict others’ will react and think, and sometimes you consider the pros and cons of both options and still can’t seem to reach a conclusion. The only way to make decision making easier is to condition yourself to be a decision maker. It is important to feel the fear and go with it. Be confident in your choice and satisfied with the fact that the outcome will happen and whether it’s positive or negative, you will get through it.

The decision to do something and to do nothing are the same but we become fearful of the potential outcomes that come with doing something rather than nothing. You’re afraid of making the wrong decision so instead you do nothing and in the end, this is no better than making no decision at all. No one likes being wrong and when you make a decision the likelihood of that happening increases immensely, but so does the chance that you’re right.

When it comes to making a small behavioural change, sometimes people adapt an all or nothing mentality. For example, years ago I gave up gluten for personal reasons and I became obsessed with checking labels. I decided that I couldn’t have anything that had a trace of gluten, even though I wasn’t allergic, and it became slightly neurotic. I would feel anxious if I knew I ate gluten, and that just wasn’t healthy. It is important to consider the long term effects of making a decision, rather than just the potential short term outcomes. I was obsessing over every single thing I put in my mouth, when in reality, the anxiety I was giving myself was much more harmful than the food I was consuming.

It is important to start slow to ease into changing a behaviour. It likely won’t come over night, so setting realistic goals for yourself is a must. Devote time each week to reflection, this will help you track your progress, hopefully boost your confidence and give you a clear idea of your goals to come. Look for inspiration and run with it, trust your instincts and find confidence in your decision making. After all, we are all our own worst critic!

Often we find ourselves at a crossroads, crippled by fear to make a decision, unsure as to what we actually want and or need. Surrounded by man voices and unable to hear our own. Our women only wellness retreats support in grounding you and helping you curate your ideal wellness space and rituals that help to minimise the chaos and create the calm within yourself. Allowing you to make decisions with confidence, conviction and clarity. These healing and spiritual retreats are an amazing way to ignite your soul and connect with your inner goddess. Travel with purpose while immersing into a new culture.