Wellness | The importance of Self-Discovery

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Self-discovery is the process and journey of learning who you are and the important role you play in the universe. It is the journey we take to fully understand oneself, our values, our likes and dislikes, hobbies that interest us, characteristics that we value in relationships and who we want to surround ourselves with. It’s a way to deeply connect your mind to your inner voice to truly excel in all aspects of life. When we delve in self-discovery, we drift towards reaching a level of ultimate self-awareness and are that much closer to finding our purpose. The importance of self-discovery lies behind our willingness to put ourselves out into the world. We must acknowledge the events that have shaped us by identifying our beliefs and live by them.

As women, everyday we face challenging obstacles. We are constantly competing with other women to live up to an impossible image of perfection, causing us to struggle with self worth and confidence. We are hard working, driven and tend to over excel in life, leaving us with little time for ourselves. We are independent, and therefore seldom like asking for help, even in times where we especially need it. And, above all, we are nurturers, meaning we put others before ourselves. With all of this in mind, the importance of self-care seems evident, so why is it something that we struggle with most? Rather than blame time for limiting our ability to tend to ourselves, it is essential to acknowledge the importance of a little TLC.

Confidence comes with being more in touch with yourself and understanding what it is that you want. When we live for others, it is hard to find the space to tend to ourselves. Through self-discovery, we can find a deeper connection between who we are and who we want to be, allowing us to truly tend to our needs. Sometimes we need to search a little to find our voice, and it is more difficult for some rather than others. External pressures may suppress your ability to speak up or display honest self-expression. Finding your voice comes along with finding confidence. As nurturers, we tend to put ourselves first. This is natural and can be easily balanced with self-care. We must tend to ourselves and our personal wellbeing or we cannot truly flourish.

By placing importance on self-discovery, we open the doors to self-exploration and understanding. We begin to understand ourselves on a deeper level, allowing for a stronger connection between mind and body. When we ultimately reach a level of confidence and comfort, we can begin to eliminate those who have a negative influence on our wellbeing. We clear our minds while simultaneously clearing the space around us, leaving room for only positivity. During the self-exploration journey, we dive into a space of awareness. We look less for the approval of others and move towards setting high standards because we know exactly what we want. The feeling of positive self-worth skyrockets as confidence increases.

Women carry so much in their wombs, yet this is a concept we rarely think about. Beyond creating and nurturing another human in there, we foster energy that can both help and hinder our wellbeing. Much like how our stomach is our second brain, for women, the womb can be considered the third. Stress is as detrimental on the rest of the body as it is for our minds, so we must treat our emotions with meticulous love.

By engaging in self-discovery practices, we can eliminate situational stress and anxiety by reaching a level of contentedness. Small tasks that would once tear down your mood become simple walks in the park because you are aware of what you want and have settled with the thought that what is to come will happen and you will move past it. Conditioning your brain promotes awareness and increases functionality. You can transform your habits by exercising your brain. Conditioning the brain increases resilience, meaning the challenges we face in life and our ability to overcome them. By practicing mindfulness and empathy we can rewire our brains to be more resilient and even change past behavioral patterns.

Sometimes we lose touch with who we really are because we are too busy nurturing others. It is important to be aware of this in order to prevent future regrets. No one wants to go through life wishing that they had done something different or hadn’t done something at all. The only way to avoid this is to reach a deep level of personal understanding, through self-discovery. If we can identify these events beforehand, we can set ourselves up for success by eliminating the chance that the outcome is anything but what we want.

We must stop living for others, and begin living our life based on the uniqueness each of us have been gifted. Living in a space that you want to be in is by far much better than living in the space you think you’re expected to live in. There is something liberating about just being you, so go out there and find what it is that makes you special, starting from the inside out. There is so much beauty in the thought that we get to live one life and that no two lives will be the same. Self-discovery gives us the freedom of choice, the chance to understand ourselves and the confidence to put all of our greatness out in the world.


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