A Letter to Yourself

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The beauty and curse of life is discovering our role in the grand scheme of everything. How does our individual unique piece fit into the greater puzzle? How can we maximize this opportunity of living and manifest our dreams into reality? What big plans does the universe have for us? The answer to all of these questions lies within the fabric of our beings, the corners of our minds and the confines of our souls. We are the writers of our own narrative, the maker of our own decisions and the executor of our own destiny.

So many of us spend our lives searching for answers from external sources. But what we do not realise is that all we seek can only be found from within. No one knows us more than ourselves, and that is truly the terrifyingly liberating fact that frees us from the cages we put around our mind. Most of us make it a priority to take care of others. It is in our nature to be nurturers, carers, and protectors for those we love. However, if for a moment we think of life in terms of frequency and vibrations of energy we are exhausting so much of ours on others that we never have any left for ourselves.

We have been conditioned to think that we should set aside our own dreams and ideas for others, that we always come second to those we love. We have been taught that this is an act of selfless compassion. What if we looked at this through a different lens though? A different perspective that focuses on us. How can we care for others if we are not caring for ourselves? What example are we showing those around us if our actions always bring detrimental consequences to our own being? Where is the compassion if the relationship is unbalanced and causing damage on us, even if we might not realise it. The best and purest love we can give others is leading by example and loving ourselves unconditionally above everything and everyone else.

When we embrace this kind of relationship with ourselves, we are connecting to a higher stream of consciousness that connects us with not only ourselves but our planet and those around us. We begin to radiate this newfound confidence, and we approach situations from a place of kindness rather than ego because we are secure in who we are. This new relationship we start to cultivate with ourselves becomes addicting and we begin to desire more and we start doing more because we know we can. This relationship with ourselves is perhaps the most difficult and rewarding work we could ever do. It is a relationship that needs to be nurtured and cultivated every day. It is something that we fight for and protect, the reason we wake up with the feeling of hope and opportunity rather than bleak dissapointments of reality.

The only one who can give you the life you want is you. We cannot control the curve balls that life throws at us, we cannot help the deck of cards we have been dealt. But we can control how we react to it all, how we choose to respond to the universe that is testing us.