My City Series | Ana Lilia

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1. Born and Raised or Expat?

Born in Napa, CA. Been living in LA for 15 years. 

2. What led you to choose your current profession? And, what steps did you take to get there?

It was a time in my life where I was stressed out, I was constantly feeling rejected, and I left disempowered. After taking my first breathwork class I was hooked. It was so intense, I left lighter afterwards and powerful. 

3. On your Day-to-Day routine?

Work with coaching clients. Prepare for classes by making playlists. Teach a breathwork class. And throughout my day, walk the dogs. Cook a healthy meal. Tend to my plants as a way to decompress. Check in with my breath. 

4. What is your favourite brunch spot, and why?

Gjusta in Venice They have amazing pastries and breads. They also have creative dishes. Their food is using seasonal produce. It has so many layers of flavours. It’s a delicious explosion of creativity and flavours in your mouth. It’s so good!

5. When you have guests, where in town do you like to take them for dinner?

Grand Central market. There are so many restaurants under one roof. Everyone can get their own things and then eat together at a communal table. It really shows the variety of foods LA has to offer. There’s everything from tacos, thai food, pizza, meditaerrian, vegan ramen, oyster bar, brewery, etc. 

6. How has your city grown and changed since you’ve known it? Which changes did you like best?

There are a lot more people and traffic. But the food in LA has improved so much. Farm to table restaurants are everywhere. The food scene is creative, it’s local and served with delicious cocktails. 

7. What cool festivals, if any, happen in your city?

There are a lot of food festivals in LA. LA Taco and Beer Festival, Coffee Festival, Summer Tequila Tasting, 626 Night Market, Food and Wine.


8. Where do you go to escape? How does this space bring you peace?

I love going to the desert. Joshua Tree is one of my favourite places. It’s quiet, the desert is expansive. It’s beautiful with lots of places to explore and hike. And there are some really good restaurants like La Copine. 

9. Where and when is your next adventure?

Oaxaca, end of August beginning of September. Exploring the city of Oaxaca and then going on a Water Retreat. 

10. Does Travel breed creativity?

Yes! If you’re a creative person, traveling is a must! Travel inspires you by seeing how other cultures live. Their food, their clothing, their homes. Allowing yourself to fully immerse in another culture teaches you so much about yourself and others. It’s a powerful exchange. I also feel energized after traveling and feel like I can do so much more than what I’m doing. I get a lot of ideas. 

11. As for connecting the mind, body and soul, what do you do to promote self-love?

Meditation is one way I show myself self love. Being true to myself and honoring my feelings is also very important. Vulnerability is another big thing I lean into, even though it’s uncomfortable. 

12. Are there any philanthropic programmes or projects that you’re passionate about or would like to shed some light on?

I have an art project called Sidewalk Woke. Since last year I have been spreading positive messages on sidewalks. All over LA and when I travel. It’s my way of spreading light into the world and reminding people that they matter and they are loved. 

13. Entrepreneurs, Tastemakers and Trailblazers, where do people like you hangout in your city?

Gjusta. Go get’em tiger, and/or Blue Bottle.

14. What is the importance of global connection to you?

Connecting on a global level reminds us that we are all so similar. In our beliefs, in the way we behave, what we view as important, what brings us joy. At the core we all desire love. In a time when there’s so much fear and hate being spread, it’s so important to show how similar we all are. It will help to bring more peace and love to our world. 

15. Give a shout-out to someone in your city that is doing groundbreaking things, and what is it that makes them a trailblazer?

Roy Choi is a chef, but he currently launched a TV show called Broken Bread that explores the food injustices in Los Angeles.  Amongst the movie stars and sparkles of LA, there are also a lot of problems in our city, especially with people going hungry. He does an amazing job at bringing to light some of these issues and what we can do to help the situation. 

16. Advice for budding entrepreneurs?

You need to have a support system. Being an entrepreneur can feel very lonely and get overwhelming. It’s important to have a group of people where you can talk things through, express how you are feeling and ask for help. We can’t do this alone. 

17. We’re living in a world where our attention to new innovation doesn’t seem to have longevity, how do you find your inspiration to make new waves with long-term prosperity?

I’m actually the type of person that doesn’t think too much about long-term things. I am constantly changing and evolving. I have done a lot of different types of jobs, from Public Relations, to Sales, to Acting and modeling, to presenting at auto shows, to now working as a healer.  And know that what I am currently doing will also change. I like to remain challenged and continue to grow and keep things interesting. 

18. Please share a playlist that embodies your work. What about this particular music brings you inspiration?

This is the playlist from my Summer Solstice breathwork event I hosted. It’s an example of how I tell a story through songs in my workshops. To help people release emotions, it reminds them that they are not alone, and are also reminded of how important and powerful they are.