My City Series | Ashley Neese

  1. Born and Raised or Expat?

    Born and raised in US

  2. What led you to choose your current profession? And, what steps did you take to get there? 

    My path has been long, varied and led by my intuition. My work today is a hybrid of what I have learned along the way through personal experience, study and mentorship. I’ve followed my heart and it has always worked out. 

  3. On your Day-to-Day routine?

    Each day is a little different with my nine month old son!  A few of my essential practices are breathwork, oil pulling, stretching, staying hydrated and eating nourishing foods. 

  4. What is your favourite brunch spot, and why?

    Sqirl in Los Angeles. The Sorrel Pesto Rice bowl with avocado is the most delicious bowl I’ve ever eaten. It has so many components that I don’t have time/energy to make at home like lacto fermented hot sauce and preserved Meyer lemons.

  5. When you have guests, where in town do you like to take them for dinner? 

    We prefer to cook at home for dinner as it’s easier with a little one! 

  6. Where do you go to escape? How does this space bring you peace?

    When I need a break from the city I drive to the Redwoods. The ancient trees help me anchor in my breath and body. Being in their company is such healing medicine. 

  7. What’s a local brand in your area that we must know about?

    Homestead Apothecary, my partners company that makes small batch sustainable herbal medicine. They source from women run farms in the area and donate money every year to plant saving organisations. It is such a restorative resource for the community. 

  8. Where and when is your next adventure?

    With my son for sure. Everyday he experiences and learns something new. His openness and natural curiosity are such big teachers for me. I love getting to be part of his journey, that in itself is such a rewarding adventure.

  9. Does Travel breed creativity?

    When I travel I love to immerse myself in a new place, this definitely charges my creativity. The key for me is staying open and not having a taxing schedule. When I travel  for work, I keep my schedule as light and flexible as possible allowing for plenty of time to soak in the new environment. If I’m travelling for pleasure, I aim to be as fluid as possible with plans and enjoy each moment as it comes. 

  10. As for connecting the mind, body and soul, what do you do to promote self-love?

    Take time everyday to feel my feelings. This sounds simple but has proven challenging to integrate at times. Every time I carve out moments to let emotions move through me I open the portal to loving myself unconditionally. 

  11. Who is one famous figure throughout history that has particularly brought you inspiration, and why?

    MLK, Jr. for his long standing practice of non-violence in the face of so much rage and adversity. 

  12. Are there any philanthropic programmes or projects that you’re passionate about or would like to shed some light on?

    I am a huge fan of RAINN, an organisation leading the way in ending the stigma around seeking support for sexual assault. 

  13. Entrepreneurs, Tastemakers and Trailblazers, where do people like you hangout in your city?

    This area is full of people who love to spend time out in nature. Most of the tastemakers I know here are constantly planning trips to the ocean or woods.

  14. What is the importance of global connection to you?

    To me this is another way of saying, interdependence and it’s essential for all of us. Humans thrive when we are connected to each other, the plants, animals, and minerals of the world. The more connected we are the more resourced we feel and this kind of exchange is necessary for all of us sentient beings to thrive. 

  15. Give a shout-out to someone in your city that is doing groundbreaking things, and what is it that makes them a trailblazer?

    Alice Waters changed the way children eat in this area. She has done wonders for the food system and food education here and it has created a huge impact. 

  16. Advice for budding entrepreneurs? 

    Go slow and trust your instincts. 

  17. Please share a playlist that embodies your work. What about this particular music brings you inspiration?

    I made this playlist for International Women’s Day this year. It’s a curation of some of my favourite songs by female artists.