Wellness | Taking Control of our Choices

Consciously Connected Travel  -  Back to Basics: Taking Control of our choices - Friday Feature

There are few rare moments we experience in life where we come to a crossroads and find ourselves having to choose. Our inherent nature is to make the easier choice of course, and that typically means putting our own feelings aside to protect others. We have been conditioned to believe that it is the bigger thing to do to set aside our own happiness for the sake of responsibilites.

One of my absolute least favourite sayings is “Life’s Not Fair.” By passing such a statement, we take the position of understanding the purpose of such events unfolding and deeming them unfair because they did not happen in the way we wanted them to. There’s been countless times when I was approached by my loved ones and urged to “get a real job because that’s how life works” and it only fueled my fire to build my own life from my choices.

There’s been a multitude of instances when something has not happened the way I thought it would, in fact pretty much everything in my life has happened in a different way than I anticipated. But just because it happened differently than I had built in my mind doesn’t mean I have no control of it. We all as human beings were gifted with the ability to make choices.

Now our choices will always have repercussions, whether they are negative or positive is up to our intentions. It’s a nice gesture to think that good things happen to good people, but what if it doesn’t work that way all the time? If bad things happened to good people would you stop being a good person out of a constructed fear you have built around the unknown?

Our reaction to this fairness of life is the choices we make, how we choose to take the next step. Do we move forward or backward? Do we choose vengeance or forgiveness? Do we choose others’ happiness over ours? Do we choose to disconnect with ourselves and crawl into a hole of autopilot looking to fulfill ourselves with external materialism we have created?

All of these are daily choices we make actively whether we are conscious of it or not. The moment you recognise you have a choice is the moment you begin to choose for yourself and step into your true potential.