Top 5 Ways To Use Argan Oil

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When I moved to Morocco, naturally the first thing I fell in love with were the animals. Sheep, donkeys, camels and especially the goats. I had heard about these notorious tree climbing goats, and I must say, witnessing this brings much more joy than you can even imagine. A question I quickly asked was, why in the world do these goats commit such a cute and unusual act? Well, it turns out that the goats are doing much more for us than putting a smile on our faces. They climb to the top of the trees to eat the argan seeds, then spit out the pits of which the sheppherds collect and sell to make argan oil. It is truly a beautiful cycle. The sheppherd lets the goats graze and grow their warm coat in exchange for their wool when it’s time. This has been happening the same way for centuries, and it is truly an amazing site to see.

If our time here in Morocco has taught us anything, it is that argan oil is a staple in both cooking and self-care. After living here, I can confidently say that argan oil has permanently claimed a place in my life forever. We’ve put together a list of our top 5 uses of argan oil, so you can reap all of it’s beautiful benefits.

1. Leave in conditioner/overnight hair mask

I bought 100% argan oil within the first few weeks of being in Morocco and I have not gone a day without lathering my hair in it before bed. It protects against split ends, keeps down those fly aways and leaves your hair so shiny and smooth. If you are struggling with a dry or flaky scalp, this is exactly what you need. The weather here in Essaouira can change drastically day to day and it is windy and moist pretty much all the time. In turn, this left me with a very painful and itchy dry scalp. After applying argan oil for a few days, my scalp was totally back to normal.

2. Razor burn treatment

Both men and women are victims to razor burn, it is something that we as humans must live with. But, beauty does not have to equal pain if you equip yourself with the right materials. Lather on some argan oil and warm between your hands, apply to the desired area and feel immediate relief. This one I swear by!

3. Whole -body moisterizer

In addition to my scalp, I have been applying argan oil to my entire body since I was first introduced to it. In this day and age, it is hard to decipher store bought products and all the hidden chemicals they pump into them. Sticking to 100% Argan oil for skin and hair is a perfect way to avoid coming into contact with unnecessary toxins.

4. Stretch mark remedy

This one is for all my ladies out there. Stretch marks are inevitable, I’ve been searching for natural remedies regarding this issue since I was fifteen. One year, I gained weight in my booty and I’ve been marked ever since. I’ve tried cocoa butter, chemical filled creams and sugar scrubs and nothing has worked for me like Argan oil. Warm between your hands and rub on the affected area. This will help and leave your skin feeling silky smooth in the process.

5. Lip conditioner

Just as with all parts of the body, Argan oil does wonders to the lips. Rub on a drop or two to relieve yourself of cracked lips and leave your skin feeling fresh, glowing and moisturised.