Testing Your Telepathy

Consciously Connected Travel  -  Friday Feature - Testing your telepathy

At some point or another, most of us have experienced a situation in which we were thinking about someone and that person just happened to call us right then and there! Some of us might make jokes and throw out explanations like psychic powers or telepathy. But aside from the speculation on the reasoning behind the random events, if one approaches it objectively instead of analytically then there may be an opportunity for us to tap into an abundance of energy that is constantly present.

I myself have been playing with this concept of “telepathy.” Like I said, it’s all about your personal perception how you think of the world around you. Similarly to people’s criticism of crystal healing, when they ask me “Aren’t those just a bunch of rocks?” My response is typically that the stones are what you want them to be. Like everything else in our lives, it’s up to our intention and how we manifest those intentions we embed within our souls.

If you think of the universe in terms of frequency and vibrational energies, then this possibility of cultivating and sending energy to others may not seem so far fetched. First I tried it with my mum who is back in California, I thought of what I wanted to send her. I envisioned her in my mind, what she might be doing, where she might be, and how she might be feeling. I sat there in silence and commanded my highest and purest energy to be present, I thought of nothing but my body and what I was feeling at that exact moment.

I imagined a bubble of light around me, it was more of a transparent bluish hue that was radiating around me, and then I thought of my mum and focused on sending that light up into the universe to her. I did this for about 10 minutes and went to bed, the next morning I woke up with a number of messages from her saying how she was thinking about me all day yesterday.

I’ve played around with this idea in a few different situations with a few different people and had some responses, some crickets. But no matter if I think it’s an actual force that can be utilised, the main takeaway is setting time aside to send positive energy not only through your body but to others you love and think might need it.

If we can view ourselves as powerful creatures with wisdom ingrained in us, we start to adapt this larger narrative of ourselves and cultivate a beautiful relationship with ourselves and those around us. We begin to feel connected to our planet and more inclined to become a part of protecting it, we find meaning in more things, which we may not have noticed before. We begin to understand the slogan “Slow Down” and we start to appreciate the beauty of life we might have been blind to before.

So regardless of your interpretation on testing your telepathy, play around with your own energies and see if you can tap into something that can catapulte you into a space of love and light.