Wellness | Top Wellness Trends That CCT Can't Get Enough Of

Photo Credit: @shopsoko

Photo Credit: @shopsoko

With each New Year, comes a wealth of new wellness trends and since we are nearly four months in, it’s time to evaluate those that are taking the crowds by storm. Some are making a righteous comeback after years of being castaway, others are making their debut in an innovative and pertinent way.

1. CBD

CBD has been on the rise for some years now, but seems to have hit its peak in recent pop culture. Walking into any Los Angeles café entails finding CBD add-on’s or hemp infused drinks. CBD, just like THC, is an abundant chemical found in the cannabis plant. The only difference is that CBD doesn’t get you stoned. So, what is the point you say? Well, it serves as a perfect alternative for the non-smokers out there who are looking to reap the benefits without experiencing the psychotropic properties. CBD is said to treat disorders as diverse as acne, anxiety, depression, inflammation, pain and even post-traumatic stress disorder. Although most report feeling no adverse side-effects, some may encounter feelings of euphoria and even a “body high”.

Anxiety in the US has reached an all time high, especially amongst millenials, and seems to be on an upward climb. CBD could be the answer we are looking for to mitigate the growth and expansion of the pharmacutical industry to move in a direction of homeopathic healing.

2. Meso-Nutrients

Although these nutrients are nothing new to wellness, we are looking at them in a new light. Mesonutrients are the active compounds found within our favourite superfoods. As you may know, macronutrients consist of fat, protein and carbs which give us the fuel and energy to live an active lifestyle. On the other end, micronutrients are vitamins and nutrients that are essential for healthy growth and development. We can obtain all three of these types of nutrients by eating superfoods, but now the latest buzz is around companies who are packing capsules purely with mesonutrients. It is easier to understand these powerful compounds if we dive into the roles that each of these mesonutrients play in human health. Herbs such as saffron and green tea can be used in many ways, and the mesonutrient found within them are saffranol and the more notorious matcha powder.

A major, and probably the most familiar superfood known today is turmeric, which is known for it’s astounding anti-inflammatory properties. What most people don’t know is that the benefit comes not from the root, but is found deep beneath the skin. Curcumin is the mesonutrient in play here. For thousands of years this healing spice has been used in Ayurvedic healing, various cultural cuisines and natural dyes in clothes and fabric. One keynote to take away from this: curcumin will not absorb well into the body without the presence of black pepper. So if you are hoping to introduce this incredible healing plant into your daily routine, be sure to crack a little pepper in there as well.

3. Crystal Healing

Crystals have been all around us since the beginning of time. They are inbedded in century old rock formations and have been used as a healing tool across all cultures. One can benefit from the healing powers of cystals, both by placing them in the surrounding environment or on the physcial person. The crystals are said to raise and level your body vibrations to match the unique pattern that you are receiving. Today, you can find crystals in some things you probably never would have imagined. There are crystal infused water bottles, elixirs with traces of various crystal pigments and you’re much more likely to see them as a nick nack on your friends shelf. By embracing the power of the crystals, you open the ability to harness energy from the sun, moon & ocean. Crystals are an incredible way to connect us closer to Mother Earth. Whether you’re familiar with crystals or not, or even think it sounds a little crazy, a great place to start is through setting intentions. Each crystal has a unique healing power, and there is much research that can go into understanding the complexity of these special rocks. Play around with holding the crystals and setting your intentions. How do various crystals make you feel when placed on different parts of the body? It is important to play with exploration, as it is the best way to fortify your mind, body & spiritual connection to oneself.

4. Well Fashion

With the progression of fashion over the last few decades, it’s no surprise that this booming industry is making its debut in the wellness world. Not only are people moving in the direction of our ancesters, in the sense that many are adopting the minimalist mindset (TY Marie Kondo) but mindfulness towards the environment is no new fad. Following all that was fast fashion (the act of making high fashion trends readily and cheapily available to the public) we have a lot of making up to do. For a bit we seemed to have lost sight of sustainable and ethical ways of producing garments. This trend has heavily affected both humans and the environment. Water-intensive cotton, unfair working conditions and untreated dyes leaching into local water sources are among the many results of this anthropogenic and unethical practice that we’ve grown far too comfortable with.

Amazingly, this new movement of well fashion is continuously making its mark. Now, large brands are focusing on fairtrade and ethical practices. Popular brands are moving towards using locally-sourced goods and are taking pride in shedding light on those who work so hard to make our clothing. In addition to a shift in ethical production, high fashion brands are focusing more on comfort. Moving away from clothes that constrict us and towards attire that benefits the body and looks great in the process. You’ll find more and more stores and online shops stocked with basic clothes made to contribute to the consumer’s overall wellbeing and lifestyle. Some of our favourite fairtrade brands are Everlane, Shop Soko, Trebene, Von Holzhauzen, Kindred Black, First Base, Reformation and the list is always growing!


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