Certain Uncertainty

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Most of us are under the impression that we don’t have control of our lives. That random events coincidentally lead us to make changes based on the reaction of these events that we cannot explain or understand. While this may be true, we sometimes may not at first understand the reasoning behind these events ; it might not just be a coincidence after all but something much larger and more complex weaving the fabric of our own life with a greater and much larger design in the works.

Our path no matter how set on it we think we are can change on the drop of a dime. Something could happen to our health, family, finances, relationships or anything in between, that brings a tidal wave of change to the current nest we have built. Change is a hard pill for us all to swallow. Perhaps that is why this concept of an unknown future can be so daunting. We try to prepare for the change as best we can, but how can we when we don’t know what’s coming down the pike?

Rather than giving ourselves a mental breakdown with this finality thinking, we can simply adjust our perception of the situation. Rather than stressing about the unknown we should embrace it. In fact, we should welcome it with open arms. The unknown is full of possibilities and dreams, it invites the imagination to take over and create ideas that have been sitting deep in the corners of our mind slowly and quietly incubating as we have been preoccupied with the earthly concerns of our current narrative. The best thing about the unknown is it’s certain uncertainty.

Once we understand this essential piece of the puzzle to life, we become more rooted and grounded in the only thing we are certain of; ourselves. Everything else is a temporary shift of energy and events. A catalyst for the next step in our ever growing journey to seek knowledge, truth, love and light within ourselves in order to see it in our external environment. Change is the universe telling us we are ready to receive our next clue. We are ready to be given our next challenge whether we are cognizant of this readiness or not. It is something that cannot be avoided like the certain uncertainty we will face.

The key to embracing change is embracing ourselves for all that we are and all that we have become. Acknowledging our light, truth, and passions. Understanding our shadows, fears, and emotions that may still be hindering us. And identifying our motivations, goals, and purpose for what it is we want to do with this gift we have been given.

Do we want to spend our days in the same routine with the same surroundings, people, and understanding of what life is? Do we want to be the doers in our dreams that takes chances and open ourselves up to new opportunities, people, cultures, and places? Do we want to spend it chasing an ideology or concept that we actually don’t understand but rather just follow out of our own habit? Do we want to expand our perception and discover the world while rediscovering the stranger within ourselves?

Then we must take the opportunity to grow in this certain uncertainty and learn that whatever comes our way, wherever our path takes us, whoever it intertwines us with we will welcome it with an open heart, mind, and soul.


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