CCT's Top 5 Travel Essentials

Photo Credit: @rimowa

Photo Credit: @rimowa

As a Travel and Wellness brand, we truly value the little things that make our many adventures that much easier. This is why we want to share our top 5 travel essentials for 2019, so far!

MOMENT 58mm lens

Since we are always on our toes, lugging around large amounts of equipment is just not an option. This is why we love the MOMENT 58mm lens. It’s perfect for close up landscapes, portraits and action shots. Beyond their incredibly clear and portable lenses, MOMENT caught our eye with the amazing community they’ve created and continue to nurture. They value connecting people through their products in places around the world. They are a community of like-minded creatives wanting to immerse in unknown cultures to promote the unique beauty that surrounds each and every one of us. Be sure to check out their other lenses, they have a lens for any and all moments.

Equa Basic bottle

While traveling, staying hydrated is one of the biggest tasks you face. It’s easy to lose track of how many hours you’ve gone without drinking water, especially if you’re rushing or frantic (which happens to all of us while traveling, let’s be real). Thanks to Equa Basic water bottle, maintaining our temple on the road has become much easier. This luxury brand accents their bottles with marble tops and metallic handles, leaving you feeling stylish and hydrated.

RIMOWA Carry-On piece

It’s not until you begin traveling regularly that you realize how important it is to have good luggage. Something we love about RIMOWA is their variety of cabin-sized bags and their engagement in local communities to create unique custom designs. One of their coolest features is the retractable charger that charges your phone right from your bag. In addition, there is a 3-digit code that when locked disables the zippers from moving. The best part about RIMOWA’s bags is the amount you can fit into them. They have multiple pockets and sections to ensure your packing experience is a breeze.

Jenny Bick Santa Fe Leather Wrap Journal

If a journal isn’t your go-to travel buddy, it needs to be. Having a place to write your thoughts and feelings serves as the cheapest therapist you’ll find. What better way to document your experiences and memories than to gather a collection during your travels. Journaling doesn’t need to feel like a chore, and it isn’t mandatory but if you are keen to this type of reflection then look no further. Jenny Bick creates personal and stylish journals for all occasions. Our favourite is the Santa Fe Leather Wrap Journal. Be sure to check out their site for other styles and designs, there are so many gems on there!

1Above Effervecent tablets

Drum roll please! What is the absolute worst part of traveling? I can almost guarentee that you’re thinking what we are… Jetlag! Don’t worry, we have found the closest thing to a solution that there is and that’s the 1Above Effervecent tablets. They are 0 calorie and come in a variety of yummy flavours. One pack is suitable for 25-hour traveling, with the key active ingredient Pycnogenol, a natural bark extract, which has been proven to reduce the length of jet lag by 53.8% and the severity by 61.5%. By supporting circulation, these super tablets reduce the risk of water retention. They are packed with vitamins and electrolytes to support our natural immune system and increase energy. These are a must when considering your next travel adventure.