The Universal Language of Travel

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When travelling to new and foreign places we face many barriers. Sometimes it’s the food that may not agree with us. Or perhaps we are thrown into cultures and traditions that we have never been exposed to, forcing us outside of our comfort zone. Whatever it may be, we encounter an abundance of all things new. But one main obstacle that seems to separate us is this construct of language.

Recently I have moved to our little seaside sanctuary of Essaouira and since I have been here a wave of euphoria and an unexplainable feeling of nostalgia has coursed through every fibre of my being. The souks are beaming with life, artisans selling their vibrant and intricately patterned goods that come from all over the country and are personally handmade with a story and tradition that has been passed down through generations. Musicians are parading the streets playing their respective instruments to bring restaurant goers a taste of Morocco. Young self made acrobats are performing in the medina flipping over one another happy to be living their life doing what they love.

No matter what it is, something is always happening in this town. There is a strong sense of community here, where concern for safety is replaced by pleasant encounters breaking bread and drinking tea with the locals who desire nothing more than to share their piece of paradise. There are four main languages spoken, Arabic, French, Spanish and Berber. I personally speak none of the above and I must say that I truly believe this obstacle is not one that separates us like we have conditioned ourselves to believe. There is a myriad of travellers that come to these shores from all over the world, each seeking to feed their souls with the exotic allure of this magnetic place.

The language of divine human connection is universal and one that is spoken, understood, and actioned by anyone who is coming from a place of kindness. My encounters with local Moroccans have been too many to count and all have left their mark on my heart. When I hear my new friends play their strange instruments I see the passion in their eyes. I hear the joy and pain in their words, and I feel the emotional commitment they attach to their craft. When I am sitting in a cafe and hear strangers trying to converse in different languages I help when I can, because that is the way here.

Coming from a place like the United States where everyone feels the need to be closed off from one another, to witness these human connections being made on such a simple and basic yet essential level gives me a feeling that I cannot describe other than purity. Pure happiness, pure understanding, and pure gratitude to be apart of something that has such a force behind it.

Much love & light!


CCT Digital & Partnership Curator


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