What Is Your Relationship with Time?

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Time is a strange thing. It may seem like it drags by, or it seems like it just passed by so fast we completely missed it when we were staring at it dead in the face.

Time gives us the chance to think about the thing we never let be imagined. Time is healing. Eventually even the deepest wounds scar. It doesn’t mean they are gone, we just learn to wear them and live on. Humans are resilient like that. We are constantly adapting to our surroundings. We are survivors. Most of us feel like we are time’s prisoner. It’s a complex and delicate dance we must become aware of.

Occasionally it’ll give us a lot of itself and let us soak in the moments that live with us forever. And then it’ll rip the carpet right from underneath us leaving us feeling like we’re waking up on our face wondering how we got there.

There is an antidote for this sudden change that leaves us feeling unsettled and ungrounded though. Its name is awareness. Awareness means being present, devoting our entire mental, spiritual and physical beings to time. It is a relationship of give and take, like all things in life we must approach with a balanced mindfulness.

When we approach time with awareness, we are rewarded with these memories that make life exciting and enriching to our souls. When we neglect this gesture and go through the motions of our life on this autopilot, being distracted by earthy concerns and worries we experience that feeling of the carpet being pulled from under us, which has devastating effects on our entire perception of life.

If you feel like you are more of a prisoner than a friend to time, try to keep an awareness with yourself and the people around you. When you are alone and surrounded by a euphoric feeling of nature, set an intention of gratitude that is a form of awareness. That moment then becomes a concrete brick in the foundation of our personal journey, it allows us to look back on these memories and motivates us to create more. Time is a strange thing, and we are in control of our relationship with it.


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