Wellness | How I see Self-healing

Everyone needs healing. As human beings it is inevitable for us to have acquired some sort of ‘baggage’ over the years. Everyone accumulates preconditioning from external elements as children and as we evolve into adults it is our journey to unbind this preconditioning and baggage. It is our journey to become aware of our internal makeup to avoid manifesting by default, running on autopilot.

Self-healing bursts open the door to a conscious existence. We become aware. We become the conscious observers of our physical reality and can have realizations such as why we think/behave the way we do. Through self-healing we rewire the mind and body so that we react to our physical reality from the space of authenticity and resonance and not from the perspective of our five-year-old selves. In order to view physical reality with clarity, everyone needs healing. In some way or another.

Healing is the shedding of layers until what only remains is the purest, most conscious version of self. Healing is the constant practice of mindfulness and objectiveness from one’s subjective experience. The process of healing involves noticing our behavior and the reasons for said behavior without judgement or heightened emotion.

Healing is constantly forgiving yourself. The acknowledgement that to be human is to be perfectly imperfect and that it is this journey of fluctuation and evolution through contrast which is what it means to be human.

The word ‘healing’ has been misinterpreted to mean that humans are flawed and need to move through a finite process to reach a state of perfection and sense of healed-ness or that we only need healing if something life-altering traumatic has been experienced. The need for healing encompasses all beings but in the lighter sense of the word. We all need to adopt the consistent practice of really taking care of ourselves. Holding space for ourselves.

It is an ongoing process. We will always need healing because we will never stop experiencing through variation and lesson learning.

We are moving into a time where self-care and healing has taken on a fresh form and the global community are becoming a lot more aware of the need to heal. Enlightenment and self-awareness have created a call for more retreats, conscious communities and large-scale discussions about the human condition.

In astrology we have recently transitioned from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. Pisces was a time of hierarchy and power. It was an age where humans needed something to follow to find purpose, solace, comfort, guidance. This has been the foundation for human consciousness for the past two thousand years. Everything we have learned since childhood has been colored by the Piscean mind frame. The external search for knowledge, guidance and reassurance.

The age of Aquarius holds the framework that every human being is whole in and of itself and there is no need to seek knowledge or believe in something outside of ourselves. The realization that we ALL have an inherent knowing. During this time the topic of healing shifts too in that we come to understand that we are our own healers. Practitioners may hold space for us or facilitate in the process, but all healing is done ourselves. It is exactly that: SELF healing.

This is a beautiful thing to hold with us when we do something like a retreat. Practitioners and teachers are there to hold space whilst you delve into your own journey of self-healing. You are the one performing the healing process. You are both the healer and the healer. It Is this knowledge which enhances the healing as we as individuals become aware that we are completely capable of healing ourselves. We are treasure chests of infinite knowledge and we carry the tools to support ourselves in this journey.

To me, this is self-healing. The knowledge that we hold everything inside us, and what a fabulous way to honour an astrological shift which occurs every two thousand years, with a self-healing retreat.

At the CCT women only retreat in Morocco, we practice just this. Through conscious tourism, we travel with purpose. Discovering a new destination, while rediscovering ourselves.

With love always

Lexi Bosman

Yogi | Surfer