1% for the Planet, 95% of Pollution

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If there is one thing that is absolutely unmistakable and undeniable it’s that we are entering a pinnacle period where we will either see great change or suffer great consequence. It can be daunting, even overwhelming when you hear about the issues of the pollution crisis we are currently facing. 95% of our waste is made of plastic material. Of the 8.3 billion metric tons that has been produced, 6.3 billion metric tons has become plastic waste. That means only 9% has been recycled.

We used to believe that 91% was left to find its way into our oceans, rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, jungles. Now we know it’s a little more complicated and a lot more critical. The pollution is not just in our oceans anymore, it’s in our fish. It’s around the necks of otters, in the noses of turtles, in the stomachs of birds. It’s creeped its way into our food chain, into our bodies. They say there is more micro-plastic in our oceans now than there are stars in our galaxy. We are much better than this. We’ve personally witnessed the greatness humanity is capable of when we think and act with consciousness towards ourselves, empathy towards others, and dignity towards our home.

A recent study was published by some of the top and most respected scientists in the world, and it had disheartening discoveries. Scientists concluded that we have 12 years to clean up our act and our oceans before the global water temperatures rise another 2 degrees and reach a point of acidity that will no longer be sustainable for living organisms. This effect will ultimately trickle down the chain and eventually find its way to us.

Like I said, the news may seem daunting and even overwhelming. In fact most of us have gotten so good at desensitising this information that we have created the ultimate excuse for ourselves with, “This is the way our world is now.” All of us at Consciously Connected Travel have made a commitment to ourselves, each other, and our Mother Earth. That we will not add to the pile of excuses, we will no longer be a part of the continuing cycle of neglect and ignorance. We are a global tribe of beatnik souls that believe with the right kind of people, we can make the right kind of impact.

As a brand we are constantly on the lookout for other like-minded trailblazers, the movers and shakers of our world who share in our goal of aspiring to inspire. We are so thrilled to announce our tribe is getting a little bigger and a lot more sustainable.

In 2002 Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia) and Craig Mathews (founder of Blue Ribbon Flies) acknowledged the power of collective action and decided to create a community of champions dedicated to protecting the environment. Today 1% for the Planet is a global movement that has inspired both businesses and individuals to do their part by connecting them to credible and accessible change-makers leading the fight to protect the planet.

When individuals and businesses join 1% they take ownership and give back to approved environmentally focused nonprofit partners. This greatly decreases the time and energy spent looking for the right organisations to give to, since unfortunately sometimes the money doesn’t go where we think it does. So what is so different about 1% for the Planet. What sets them apart? How does our partnership translate to protecting the planet? Two words; Authenticity and Credibility. “We bring dollars and doers together to accelerate smart environmental giving.” More than $175 million dollars have been given back to the environment since the global network first began.

By directly giving the doers and makers the access and funds needed, 1% is creating a catalyst that can make real impact and translate to real change. Their 6 core areas center around issues surrounding climate, food, land, pollution, water, and wildlife. We have 12 years to get our act together. The time for excuses and the mindset that “it’s not directly affecting me” is over. The fault falls on all of us as does the responsibility to create a solution. We have seen the greatness humanity is capable of. Apart we are merely just another piece to the puzzle with little means to make any kind of meaningful impact. But together we can move mountains, we can do anything we set our minds to.

Like we said, we here at Consciously Connected Travel are a family of beatnik believers who share in the vision that with the right kind of people, we can make the right kind of impact. Join our Tribe. Become part of the global movement.

It all starts with one intention, one movement, one planet.